Use of bomber jackets in the pilot fashion world

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Use of bomber jackets in the pilot fashion world

February 21, 2016Comments Off on Use of bomber jackets in the pilot fashion world


In the pilot fashion sector, there are few items which can be cited in the list. One of them is bomber jackets. The bomber jackets are one of the most sought after clothing item among the pilots because of its genuine short and waist length which is modeled from ancient times. Since these jackets have been nearly around a century, they are getting popular in the fashion market even today.

What the necessity of designing pilot fashion jackets is?

  • The original pilot fashion jackets are made available in the market for highly practical reasons.
  • Bomber pilot fashion jackets are suitable to wear in freezing conditions
  • It can also be worn and flew in open planes around continents
  • Pilots are demanding something extraordinary outfit which keeps them warm and these bomber pilot fashion jackets just the right thing to wear.
  • These jackets are made up of insulated thick leather contents with high collars
  • The bomber pilot fashion jackets are wrapped around the body structure to cover entire body along with a up-down functioning zip with wind flaps
  • You can also find elasticized band in waist and cuffs for experiencing better warm
  • Pilots are also using leather caps and gloves to experience warmer surrounding
  • Getting shoes to fit are also important, whether they be larger size shoes or smaller
  • Though the first ever issued leather bomber pilot fashion jackets were more like long coats, still you can find shorter designs of these jackets today in the market.

Popularity of pilot fashion bomber jackets:

At first, the uses of pilot fashion bomber jackets are found among the US Army troops before the end of 1st World War. They firstly started the trend to use long bomber pilot fashion jackets and slowly it became popular among navy and air force pilots in both UK and US. While designs meet the variants, similar pilot fashion jackets were enormously issued to other pilots at the time of 2nd World War.

Additionally but slowly, many variations in pilot fashion jackets hit the market over time. And now is the day where you can find many alternative options for enhancing the pilot fashion attires. The addition of new elements, designs and materials are commonly found in pilot fashion jackets which are also simultaneously getting popular without fail.

Today, those pilots are moving to a war zone are issued with these jackets made up of similar types but with the use of synthetic materials for serving you a long time. Apart from pilots of navy and army, today both commercial clothing and fashion designers are manufacturing them to serve an international client base.

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